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Upgrade your boating skills with summer classes

Now's the time to register for summer boating courses. Here's a brief list of schools across the nation that offer classes in everything from certification, safety, fishing, kayaking, sailing and maintenance.

There is never a wrong time to start growing your nautical knowledge. Kids can start at summer camps or yacht clubs by learning the basics. Future owners can make their first stop towards ownership by taking a course. Even seasoned sailors benefit by taking courses every season. With many schools around the country and several levels of certification, there are virtually no bounds to what you can learn on the water.

Here are a few to get you started:

New York, NY: Manhattan Sailing School offers

  • American Sailing Association Certification
  • Classes from basic sailing to navigation
  • Sailing getaways
  • Manhattan Sailing School website

Boston, MA: The Boating Professor offers

  • Lessons on recreational boating
  • Can help get you started or brush up
  • Expert in Marine Weather
  • The Boating Professor website

Chicago, IL: Chicago Sailing offers:

  • US Sailing Certified Program
  • Basic and Advanced Courses
  • Racing lessons
  • Chicago Sailing website

Miami, FL: IGFA School of Sport Fishing offers:

  • Extensive curriculum from maintenance to sweet spots
  • Courses include printed material and hands-on instruction
  • Exciting giveaways
  • IGFA School of Sport Fishing website

Seattle, WA:  Kayak Academy offers:

  • Beginner lessons to Tidal Rapids Training
  • Essential gear store
  • Races and exercise outings
  • Kayak Academy website

San Diego, CA: Maritime Institute offers

  • Advanced training for Recreation and Commercial Mariners
  • On-line and classroom instruction
  • United States Coast Guard Approved
  • Maritime Institute website

San Francisco, CA Club Nautique offers:

  • US Powerboating Classes
  • US Sailing Certification Classes
  • Membership for Sailing and Powerboating
  • Club Nautique website

Upgrading your boating skills can lead to increased confidence and safety on the water. All boaters need to know the rules of the road, basic safety skills and carry the proper emergency equipment. Look into the schools in your area to give you the knowledge you need to make boating more enjoyable and safer.

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